K-20 Training & Professional Development Services

Educators have been and always will be at the core of the learning experience. By partnering with schools, educational publishing companies and online learning vendors across the nation, our experienced trainers, curriculum developers and coaches work together to improve pass and graduation rates, elevate grades and increase engagement for each student learner to improve outcomes for all. Our educational consultants have extensive classroom experience and use those experiences to connect with teachers and administrators.


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We believe that harnessing technology can enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom and deepen the connections between students and teachers to empower greater success. Our training consultants are champions of leading-edge technology and demonstrate the benefits while facilitating instructor-led or web-based training workshops.

B2B trainers are experts in the latest assessment tools and how to utilize them effectively to ensure alignment with state or local education standards.

Our Educational Consulting SERVICES also include
Equity & Culturally Responsive Training

For more information please visit the Equity & Culturally Responsive Training page or download a free brochure.

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