Emergency Management and Business Continuity Consulting

As a result of COVID-19, many companies are in emergency response mode. In time of uncertainty, B2B wants to help companies, municipalities and agencies move forward and adapt to a different future.

B2B Strategic Solutions offers full-service emergency management consulting that ensures our clients have the appropriate plans, resources and procedures in place to minimize potential risks and mitigate possible losses — safeguarding people, resources and operations at all times. Our consultants have extensive experience with grant management, housing and hazard mitigation projects.


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tornado damage to building

B2B’s strategic partnerships and homeland security consultants include project managers, data collectors, developers, technology experts, emergency subject matter experts and project office staff. Our strength is planning for catastrophic events and disasters on a regional level, supporting preparedness efforts of local jurisdictions, spanning multiple states. We understand how to work effectively with various levels of government while maintaining transparency for the public and elected officials.

Our consultants have provided emergency management planning services to and/or have worked with various levels of government including state, county, local municipalities, and the private sector.

B2B team was part of the recent
O'Hare Airport Full-Scale Exercise.

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Risk & Crisis Management
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Everyone’s normal has been disrupted and we are all in various stages of coming to terms with
the changes.  In response to these disruptions, we have created a new workshop designed to help you and your staff utilize a healing-centered approach and adjust to the new environment.

Processing Trauma From the Pandemic Brochure

We provide these cost-effective consulting services to government,
private sector and non-governmental organizations

  • Return to Work (RTW)
    Preparedness Services
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Community Resilience Programs
  • Employee and Family Preparedness
  • Block Grant Management &
  • Technical Assistance
  • CPR/First Aid/AED Training
  • Exercise & Staff NIMS Training
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Hazard Mitigation & Risk Assessment
  • Project Management and
  • Administration
  • Emergency and Business Continuity
  • Plan Development